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Rafael Reyes in the last 3 years wins:

Equal 1st. "CALIFORNIA CLASSIC SD" 165 MILES. 2009

1st club vs. 1,700, 5th Overall 20,000.

6th "California Classic SD" 2008. 300 miles.

6th "Rancho Las Palomas Futurity" 265 Miles 2009. Mexico

Equal 1st "Generalisimo Morelia Futurity" 105 Miles 2009. Mexico

Equal 1st "Generalisimo Morelia Futurity" 136 Miles 2009. Mexico

Equal 1st "Rancho Las Palomas Futurity" 130 Miles 2009. Mexico

6th "Snowbird Classic" 350 miles 2009.

6th "California Classic SD" 188 Miles 2008.

7th "California Classic SD" 300 miles 2008.

4th Club vs 1,800 in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico 113 Miles.
28th Combine vs. 5,750 and 45th Overall vs 31,000 YB's 2010.

3rd Club vs. 2,450. 5th Combine vs 5,656 and 14th Overall vs 27,107 birds In Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico 244 Miles 2010.

1st Club 3rd Overall vs 25,107 2010 In Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico 290 Miles.

4th Club vs 1,300 , 19th Combine vs 5,656, 48th Overall vs 25,107 YB's 290 Miles 2010
in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

Once Again Rafael wins 8th Equal First, San Diego California Classic 2010.
Bred from "Ms. Rafael" Daughter of "Kid" which Protege Lofts recently purchased back.

Mr. Li Zhenjin of China just won 3rd in the HAOYU One Loft race. He mated a son of Kannibaals Gold and Seventh when mated to a grand daughter of Kid. Extremely inbred and winning! Mr. Zhenjin won some serious cash. Apparently another tough race.

Big Bill Tadlock wins AGAIN! Second, equal first in this years 2010 Vegas Classic 300 miles, bred from his 400 mile equal first grandson of Kid Kannibaal at last years Winners Cup! Last year he had 2 birds equal first in The Winners Cup 400 (2009) winning with a grandson and great-grandson of Kid Kannibaal. Bill certainly has a Super Son of "Kid Kannibaal".

Fred Smeltzer. 5th Champion bird Texas Gusher 2009. Bred from "Kannibaals Gold"
and "Seventh Heaven"!

Bruce Bidon. First Canadian Combine Ace Bird 2010 Bred from a Son of Kid and Michelle.

Art Jenkins wins First 300 mile JKM Race 2010.. Bred from a Daughter of Kid and Michelle.

Dick Lacroix. First EGM Race 350 miles and 200 mile combine winner. Daughter of Kid and Michelle.

Dean Ladett wins 2010 Texas Center Race and Overall Ace bird..Bred from a son of "Kid". Dean said, his son of Kid raised him another good one in 2009 also.

T and J partnership won First Champion team. Mercedes Classic 2010. 2 were Grandchildren of "Kannibaals Gold" and "Seventh Heaven" (nest mates)! and the other 2 were grandchildren (also nest mates) of "Kenny's Girl","Kids" half sister! T and J Partnership entered only 1 team.. All 4 birds survived to the very end, scoring points in the final 300 mile race making them the Champions. Winning some serious cash. How's that for results?

Jim Poe won 5th JKM 300 miles 2010. Bred from Daughter of "Lil Rambo" and "Michelle". "Michelle" is a daughter of "Witoger's Dream" when mated to "Kenny's Girl" AND! the Big winner at the 2007 Vegas Classic winning the board out to and including the $1000.00 dollar spot.

Ren Chen wins 3rd Champion Team at the Team Mercedes Classic 2010 and 3rd Champion bird. Bred from a son of "Charley" and "The Queen of The Netherlands" when mated to a daughter of "Kid".

Nick Kowalchuk. 1st Champion bird Texas Gusher 2008. Bred from a Daughter of Kid.

Dave Harrett wins 3rd, Equal First at the 2010 AU Convention Race bred from a Daughter of Kid which last year raised First Colorado Gold Rush 2009 AND! 4th and 5th San Diego Classic 2009. Dave says he has never had such great results. Dave again recently won 2nd place at the 2010 Iron Eagle 350 miles. Bred from a son of Jorn and "The Queen of The Netherlands" mated to a Daughter of "Charley" when mated to"Amore's Gold", Charley's half sister! Inbred and flying great! 2010 was the very first year Charley,s children were bred from in America and right off the bat some Super results were achieved. It Will be even better next year.

Sal Rodriguez of Utah started entering One Loft races this year (2010) and breeding from yet another daughter of "Kid Kannibaal", she produced 2 combine winners last year, 3 this year and First 150 miles I RACE.......And! First 300 miles "Gold Race" 2010. He also won 20th position in "The Windy City Futurity" bred from a daughter of the same hen!

John Price just won First UPC Futurity (2010) and First Auction bird 300 miles bred from a son of "Kid". With 3 birds out in front by 50 yards. Last year (2009) he scored 3rd and 8th (nestmates) Equal first to the loft in the Black Eyed Susan Futurity 300 miles.

Kenny Kelly won 104th position at the Million Dollar South African Race 2010. Bred from a son of "Kannibaals Gold" and "Chelsea" The Super daughter of "720"

Jeff Wilbur of Canada Just won the 2010 Canadian Empire Classic one loft race. 20th position at 200 miles and Equal first 350 miles. Jeff had the best average of the 2 races and won on top of his other winnings, an electronic clocking system. Bred from a son of "Jonge Kid".
Cecil Romero won 2010 IF Hall of Fame young birds 155- 500 Lofts bred from a line bred grand daughter of 720 in the Central Jersey Combine the Largest Combine in the USA! Its nest mate won 19th in the LGM Futurity 945 birds and 133 lofts.

Dragon Romanovic won 2nd Champion loft in the GHC Combine in young birds 2010 his very first year in flying in the GHC. The following year in Old birds flying the same young birds as yearlings Dragon won First Champion Overall Loft, First Champion Long Distance loft and 2nd Champion Middle distance along with many other super results. Dragon certainly has the guys scratching their heads. No one has ever had these kind of results in the GHC just starting out. 90 percent of the birds clocking for Dragon were 720 crossed on the Kannibaal lines.To see the results check out the GHC web site.

Jason Wang: He won Second Overall Ace bird at the 2010 World Ace Challenge 6 Race Series!! He also won 27th and 51st Overall. All were bred from his Son of Charley and The Queen of The Netherlands!! The second place winner (Ms. Ace) was sold at auction for a record amount of $28100.00 which Jason fought long and hard against Great Wall in China to purchase her back. The 27th place bird sold for over $8000.00 Both are nest mates. Ms. Ace is currently at the Protege Lofts (2011) being bred back to her Super Grandfather "Charley"!!! Which will make a Super mating!


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